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All Around Performance.

From hotels to firehouses, Wascomat provides reliable in-house laundry solutions with washers that minimize environmental impact and ensure smooth operation and dryers that boast fast drying times and optimal efficiency.

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Wascomat On-Premises Laundry

Wascomat laundry equipment, trusted for over 60 years, delivers workhorse performance with cutting-edge technology. Save up to 50% on water, energy, and detergent with automatic settings, achieve superior washes, and go green with eco-friendly features. Compass Pro controls eliminate user error and provide data insights, while heavy-duty construction ensures long life. Backed by exceptional customer support, Wascomat keeps your laundry running smoothly and efficiently.

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Wascomat Equipment for Firehouses

Keep your firefighters safe and your gear in top condition with Wascomat washers. Their machines effectively remove harmful residues, follow recommended spin speeds to protect gear warranties, and boast reliable construction for minimal downtime. Choose from various sizes to fit your firehouse needs and experience the benefits of low operating costs and long-lasting performance.

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Wascomat Wet Cleaning Solutions

Forget harsh chemicals!
Wascomat's eco-friendly wet cleaning solutions gently yet effectively clean a wide variety of fabrics and textiles. This professional method ensures the highest quality results for your customers, preserving delicate items and promoting a healthier environment – a winning combination for your business and the planet. (99 words)

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