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100+ years of flatwork finishing

For over a century, Chicago Dryer has redefined flatwork finishing. From healthcare to hospitality, Chicago flatwork equipment finishes billions of pounds daily. Direct Machinery's laundry experts will match your needs with the perfect Chicago Dryer equipment for commercial or on-premise operations.

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Linen Separating Machines

Chicago Dryer Corporation has developed a full line of automated separating machines to speed up your on-premise or commercial laundry drying process. Chicago's automated linen separators can streamline production in almost any laundry environment. Led by the top-of-the-line cascade model, these separators work faster and more efficiently.

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Linen Feeding Machines

Automate and streamline your laundry with Chicago Dryer spreading and feeding equipment today! Chicago's Edge technology revolutionizes linen handling. Sheets & tablecloths glide seamlessly into ironing/folding with accurate, high-volume feeding.

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Commercial Ironing

From gas to electric and with a wide variety of roll sizes, Chicago Dryer offers the world's most comprehensive range of commercial ironers. Chicago’s industry-leading equipment removes more water, simplifying your laundry flow and delivering up to 2,200 pounds per hour of perfectly finished linen.

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Laundry Folding Machines

Streamline your workflow with Chicago Dryer's comprehensive folder and stacker solutions. From compact models for on-premise laundries to high-volume machines for commercial giants, they offer the perfect fit for every operation. Chicago’s precise folding technology, compatible with ironed and tumble-dried linens, ensures consistent, crisp results while minimizing manual labor. Experience significant time, energy, and cost savings with these industry-leading folder and stacker systems.

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Combination Finishing Equipment

Maximize space and efficiency with Chicago's all-in-one finishing units. Ideal for commercial laundries with limited floor space, these combination machines seamlessly integrate feeding, ironing, and folding into a single compact system. Enjoy the unmatched quality of Chicago Dryer ironing with the convenience of minimal footprint, delivering exceptional linen finishing without compromising valuable space.

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