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120 years of tradition, experience, and innovation

The textile care industry has seen a lot of changes over time, with laundry methods evolving alongside production techniques. Electrolux Professional has always been a pioneer in providing ergonomic, eco-friendly, and profitable solutions to the industry.

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On-Premises Washers

The Electrolux Professional washing machines have been created to minimize water, energy, and detergent usage. Our innovative technologies like Automatic Savings, Intelligent Dosing, and Power Balance guarantee that you can reduce the cost per load while contributing to a more environmentally responsible business.

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On-Premises Dryers

Electrolux Professional Reversing Dryers are much more efficient and faster than other dryers, resulting in significant energy savings and cost reduction. Electrolux has invested heavily in advanced technology to achieve outstanding drying times while reducing the dryer's life cycle costs. This not only benefits the world around us but also your bottom line.

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If you require perfect flatwork ironing, Electrolux has the products to meet your needs. Electrolux Professional ironers make it possible to achieve perfection while increasing your profitability. Whether you run a hotel, restaurant, professional laundry service, or medical center, Electrolux ironers provide increased productivity, absolute reliability, and the results you are looking for.

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