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Over 65 Years of American-Made Laundry Expertise

Choose from durable washers, dryers, and systems engineered for every laundry need, from industrial plants to garment processing. Take advantage of Milnor's expertise and craft your perfect laundry solution.

On-premise Washers

Milnor's industrial washer-extractors tackle any laundry challenge, from bulky hospital linens to delicate firefighter gear. Their oversized cylinders and durable components process high volumes efficiently, using minimal water, energy, and labor. With capacities up to 725 pounds, RinSave® water saver technology, and the intuitive MilTouch-EX™ control, Milnor delivers a superior wash quality with utility savings and programming flexibility.

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High-Performance Dryers

Milnor's dryers address any laundry needs. Choose capacity, style, and power, then optimize airflow for fast, efficient drying. Easy controls prevent overdrying, while smart lint alerts and fire suppression options prioritize safety. Find your perfect Milnor match!

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Continuous Batch Washers / Tunnel Systems

Milnor CBW Tunnel washers blast through laundry 30-40% faster than standard designs, thanks to smart features like Solid Welded Partitions, Double Drum Construction, High Mechanical Action, and Pulse Flow technology. Choose Milnor’s CBW Systems for peak efficiency and pristine laundry care.

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Boost your CBW efficiency and automate laundry flow with Milnor's Extractors. Choose from footprints and capacities to match your linen mix, minimize labor, extend linen life, and cut utility costs. We have single centrifuges for smaller setups, multi-unit setups for high throughput, and even combo options for mixed linens. Let Direct Machinery tailor your perfect extra-efficient laundry flow!

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